Creating Your Space

11th November 2020

Sadly classes are on pause again. So I thought it might be helpful to look at how to create a cosy space at home where many people are now spending more time again.  A few ideas below.

There is certainly something about the space we create for ourselves which effects our mood and in turn our practice. In all honesty it’s really not necessary to do all or any of this. It is nice to create a spot you enjoy being in so you are more likely to return again and again. Your own ritual.

This is my spot. Have fun creating yours and happy yoga-ing!! 😊

“The room should have a small door, be free from holes, hollows – neither too high or too low and well plastered with cow dung” The Hatha Yoga Pradipika

The Hatha Yoga Pradipika (an early yogic text) starts by giving instructions on how to choose and craft a space. Whilst I’m not sure that ancient yogis would approve of some of our choices, making space is important mentally, whether it’s the gym, a walk or some yoga.  My favourite instruction from the HYP is above… I think we have moved on a bit…Phew!

Mats. If you have one then go for it. If not then make sure you can’t slip over (socks off till the end) and crack on anyway. You don’t need to spend £100’s despite what you might see and hear. My favourite mat cost £11, bargain). Other handy items and blocks and belts. You might come across the odd bolster in a yin/restorative class but pillows work too. Ties, middle belt of dressing gown, tights, can all be used as a substitute belt. My favourite substitute is the book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – just the right size for a block replacement. A tightly rolled up towel works too.


Low lighting: Less distraction, set the mood. Candles are great – scented if you like them. Think reducing your senses, so dim lighting, quiet, basically anything which creates a cosy space.

Quiet: Close the door and tell everyone you are not to be bothered – easier said than done! It is not selfish to want some time to yourself. You have my total permission to lock yourselves in a room for half an hour and make it known that its ‘your time’.

Music: It’s a love/hate thing. Personally I love music so it helps me switch off, but traditionally music is not used as it is a distraction, again think withdrawing the senses. Here’s my chilled playlist if you need some ideas. 

Comfort. The build up to every class is Shavasana – the nice bit at the end. Once we have moved and breathed we are ready for stillness, the chance to surrender and just be- The most difficult pose of all! Your temperature drops so you want to keep warm, think warm jumpers, fluffy socks, blankets and even a pillow. Eye pillows are great for extra weight, some are lavender filled too. Niiiiice.


Song: Favourite song this month is by Nada Sadhana; Let It Go

L x