30th Sept 2020

It’s the last week on our earth theme. I have really enjoyed teaching this one. It has been all about strength and stability and appreciating what’s around us. If like me you’ve survived the past few months by enjoying being outside, finding new walks and exploring your local area then we are on the same wavelength. 🌍 I feel very lucky to have plenty of walks on my doorstep. 

Some nice words are associated with our Earth theme are grounding, rooting, centred, and feeling strong and safe. These are all things we can explore through our yoga poses. Our 3 part yoga breath which we have been practicing each week enables us to feel clam, centred and stable too.

Pose: Chair pose (Utkatasana)

This has been in every class this month, with a few adaptions along the way. It’s a pose that leaves you feeling strong, determined, stable with just the right amount of thigh burn!

Long holds and strong poses require us to tap into that inner focus and mental strength, so even though my legs ache a bit from teaching it all month it’s been a fun one to play with.  🌿💚

Song: Favourite song this month has been Toad Lick (I love the name) by East Forest.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
– Albert Einstein

Happy Yoga-ing 
L x