17th Oct 2020

We are two weeks into our theme of water. The element which encourages playfulness and self exploration. It’s therefore one of my personal favourites. What can I say – I like to play. 🙂

We can often, quite rightly in some ways, get hung up on what a pose ‘should’ look like, the ‘correct’ alignment and so on. I was speaking to a lovely lady this week and she agreed this has had a negative impact on her practice, she ended up focusing on areas of her body she found to not be as flexible or strong, as she would like them to be which sometimes didn’t give her the space (mental and physical) that she wanted. 

This element gives us permission to be free, creative and find our own expression of the pose allowing us to think about what a pose feels like from the inside out, rather than what it looks like on the outside.

“Just like a body of water stirred up by the winds, after being physically still for a while, your mind will gradually calm down”. – Tara Brach

In these weird and unsettling times meditation in particular has provided me with a refuge to find some inner stillness.  🌊 

When our mind is busy it is all over the place, constantly changing, this is central to the definition of yoga in the Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, “yoga chitta vritti nirodha” translated as “the ability to calm the fluctuations of the mind is defined as yoga”. (Sutra 1.2).

So you will find more time giving to settling at the start of our physical practice, a guided relaxation, some strong chest opening poses and poses relating to the hips in this months classes.

Song: Favourite song this month has been Kothbiro by amazing Kenyan singer Ayub Ogada. Translates as, here comes the rain, seems appropriate as we move into Autumn. 

Keep swimming!
L x