This 10 week course offers gentle yoga sessions;  you do not need any prior experience. Classes are adapted and modified so that you can participate fully and work at your own pace in a supportive and non-judgemental atmosphere. 

Each of the 10 sessions will last 2 hours and include: 

• Introduction to the theme of the class
• breathing practice
• mat &/or chair based yoga postures 
• meditation & mindfulness 
• relaxation
• discussion

You will be required to complete a questionnaire at the beginning and end of the programme. 

The programme is specifically for those who:

  • suffer from anxiety, stress or mild depression
  • are at risk of type 2 diabetes
  • have concerns about weight
  • are at risk of heart disease and wish to improve heart health
  • need encouragement to be more active
  • functional disorders where there is no pathological cause may also be significantly improved. Fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, irritable bowel (IBS), fertility issues, elimination issues, chronic fatigue (CFS)

There is significant research demonstrating that yoga can have a positive effect on our health, happiness and wellbeing. The Yoga4Health programme was commissioned by the NHS and may be available via your GP or link worker. You may also refer yourself to join the programme.

£108.00 for 10 weeks (£10.80 for a 2 hour session). This includes a manual and resources for use at home during and after the course.  All equipment is provided but you may wish to bring your own. Spaces are limited to 15. Attendance and commitment to the entire programme is encouraged. You must attend week 1 & 2. 


To join the programme:

Individuals download and complete a self-referral form including their health and medical information and return to me in the first instance. 

This 10 week programme is also available for a fixed fee for your health care facility, workplace, charity or community centre. 


The 10 week programme fuses ancient practices with modern medical science. Designed by the UK’s leading yoga therapists and yoga teachers, including Paul Fox, former Chair of the British Wheel of Yoga; Dr Robin Monro, founder of the Yoga Biomedical Trust; Heather Mason, founder of the Minded Institute; Dr Ned Harfiel of Bangor University; and Emily Brett, founder of Ourmala. 

The West London Clinical Commissioning Group commissioned a pilot yoga programme called ‘Yoga4Health’, for social prescription in their area, which is the first of its kind in the country, this was researched by The University of Westminster.  This ensures that the programme is of the highest standard and sensitive to patient needs. 


Yoga is an effective ‘mind-body’ medicine that can both prevent and manage chronic health issues and it also delivers significant cost savings to healthcare providers.

To read the full report please click here. 

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